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Whether you need help planning, implementing, adopting, learning, managing, maintaining, supporting, or optimizing your Business or Industry, we offer a wide spectrum of services to meet your specific challenges and situation.

TechValley InfoSystems implementation team guides customers through all phases of an implementation by drawing on our industry-leading practices and our professionals' broad experience in all aspects of Industrial Business solution design, development, and deployment.With team of consultants and experience gained through deploying solutions at many customers, Techvalley Infosystems is well equipped to make your Enterprise Web deployment successful and meet your ROI objectives.


TechValley InfoSystems implementation team team provides a full range of implementation services. At each phase of the Techvalley Infosystems solution life cycle, Techvalley Infosystems implementation team works with you to target your business objectives and monitor the progress to make sure the solution reduces short-term risk and delivers long-term value. You increase your return on investment because the implementation is done once and done right the first time.

  • ERP Solutions

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    ERP Solutions inventory covers all stock related functions of an organization. Stock management and valuation activities, which form the backbone of any organization generally, take a lot of time and resources. M- wan Inventory handles all the store activities of issues, dispatches, receipts and quality control. The lot wise stock of each item is maintained and various MIS are provided for tracking stock movement. ERP Solutions Inventory is integrated with Sales, Purchase, Finance, Equipment Maintenance, Production Planning and Production.

    Features & Highlights
    • Material Receipt
    • Stock Maintenance
    • Godown Wise Stock Status
    • Godown Wise Price List
    • Current Stock At Main Godown
    • Total Stock Status (Consolidated)
    • Inter Branch/ Godown Transfer
    • Limited Life Material Control
    • Physical Condition Verification Control
    • Physical Stock Verification
    • Dead Stock Control
    • Rejected Item Tracking
    • Online Inventory Update
    • Inward Register
    • Outward Register
    • Material Verification/Inspection Report
    • Stock Register(Consolidated/Godown wise)
    • Stock Verification Report
    • Stock Out Report
    • Re-order Level Report
    • Critical Stock Report
    • Stock Vs. Requirement Analysis
    • Access/Shortage Analysis
    • Material Rejection Report
    • Other MIS Reports

    ERP Solutions Maintenance helps in maintaining the fixed assets of an organization. Contracts with service providers can be made after which service requisitions and job orders are issued. The periodic as well as unscheduled maintenance details of machinery can be recorded. Maintenance bills can also be generated. e Trade Services Maintenance provides reports, which help in analyzing the data pertaining to maintenance activities of the machinery. ERP Solutions Maintenance is integrated with Inventory and Finance.

    Features & Highlights
    • Database Of Service Providers And Contracts With Them
    • Recording Of Maintenance Requisitions
    • Generation Of Job Orders Based On Quotations Sent By Service Providers
    • Maintenance Schedule For Monthly And Annual Maintenance
    • Record And Analysis Of Break Down Maintenance
    • Generation Of Maintenance Bill With Updating In Finance

    ERP Solutions Production records the actual production against the planned production in the job cards. Downtime details are captured and analysis is done on the same. All produced items go through quality control before being passed to main stores. The shop floor inventory is maintained separately. Important reports to analyze the variance between actual and planned production, consumption analysis and rejection analysis are available. ERP Solutions Production is integrated with Sales, Inventory and Production Planning.

    Techvalley Infosystems is providing the suitable and flexible ERP as per the college requirement. This ERP has been designed with the advanced technologies to increase the usability & productivity. This module is component based designed module.

    • Campus Management
    • Department management
    • Admission Management
    • Student Management
    • Staff Management
    • General Management
    • Library Management
    • Security Management
    • Laboratory Management
    • Examination Management
    • Hostel Management
    • Transport Management
    • Canteen Management 
    • Inventory Management
    • Accounts Management
    • Asset Management System
  • Hosting Services

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      E-Mail Hosting

      E-mail hosting is a type of hosting specialized in offering electronic mail services. This type of hosting is usually offered together with web hosting or at least with domain hosting, and allows for the creation of an e-mail address of the mail@domain.com type. The clients of the e-mail hosting service also get large size mailboxes and the possibility to send many e-mails every day. Most e-mail service providers offer access to the mailbox not only via a web interface, but also via POP3 and IMAP protocols, which renders the service accessible via both a web browser and specialized e-mail client software. Of course, the types of hosting depending on the offered services do not end with the abovementioned; database hosting, domain hosting, etc. are encountered as well. Depending on the quantity of the server resources your website is allowed to use, and how many user accounts a given server hosts, hosting can be divided into


      Dedicated hosting

      In contrast to shared hosting, dedicated hosting implies that clients' applications do not share the server's resources with other users' applications. Besides, the server uses the entire available bandwidth for purposes of its own. Thus, a given application uses the entire hardware resources of the server on which it is located, the system settings are wholly consistent with and optimized according to its needs, and last but not least - the user has full control over the server. The most commonly installed operation systems are Linux, FreeBSD and Windows. This type of hosting is intended for websites and web applications, which generate substantial hardware load, unthinkable for the resources that shared hosting offers. Dedicated hosting is usually recommended as a solution for sites that register more than 15000 visits a day, for big online shops and portals, popular online games, etc.


      Virtual server

      Virtual server is a notion, which stands somewhere between "shared" and "dedicated" hosting. Here, one physical server is divided into several independent virtual servers. Essentially, each such virtual server can be looked upon as being "dedicated", because a separate operation system is being installed on it according to the user's needs, which takes up the applications of one given client only. The most commonly used pieces of server virtualization software are VMware, FreeVPS, User-mode Linux, Virtuozzo, etc. The settings of the server are optimized to work with each of them and the resources it can use are much more than those offered by shared hosting. Recommended for websites and applications, which require specific operation system settings, and which generate substantial server load.


      Web Hosting

      Web hosting is the most widespread hosting service. It allows your website to be assessable on the Internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The website itself is being hosted on a web server most often located in a specialized data center. The web server offers uninterrupted Internet connectivity, a certain set of software packages, which offer additional services such as e-mail, ftp, databases, as well as an environment for utilizing different programming languages such as: perl, php, java, xhtml, html and others.


      Semi-dedicated hosting

      Semi-dedicated hosting is a type of hosting service, which is closer to "shared" than is to "dedicated" hosting, whereby the server is configured so as to host less but more heavily loaded websites in terms of bandwidth. As with the shared hosting service, the users too have separate accounts but their parameters are many times larger than those offered by the shared hosting service.


      Shared web hosting

      Shared hosting is the most popular form of web hosting. It is called "shared" because many different web applications (most often websites) are stored on one single physical server and thus share its resources. A separate account with specific parameters (disk space, traffic, number of databases, etc) and a web-based account administration control panel is assigned to each user. The account is administered entirely by the user via a web-based interface control panel, which gives even the beginners quick access and full control over their accounts. Because of the very nature of the shared web hosting service, it is suitable for smaller and not too heavily loaded websites.

  • Web Application & Development

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                  Techvalley Infosystems started or rather had placed their first stepping stone with Web Application Development. Years of experience and unmatched quality framework has rewarded us with popular clients around the globe. Techvalley Infosystems with its exceptional clientele for application development in India. Our expert team has done all the hard work and knowledge sharing to accomplish various levels of application development projects. We are experienced professionals to develop advanced systems with complex business logic dealing with large amounts of data and transactions. We are able to supply you with most desirable, innovative, trustworthy web application solution. We take special care for customized web application development, which are tailored to the clients precise business requirements.We deliver incorporating rich internet applications combining our solid cross-vertical experience, technological expertise, latest trends and an inbuilt strategic framework based development methodology. Our veteran technical experts and project management team will guide you from the initial step of a business idea to implementation of a cost effective software solution. We will deliver a valuable business tool specially designed to serve the specific needs of your business.

    Web Development services:

    • Database design and programming
    • Database integration
    • Data importing
    • Dynamic page creation
    • Developing web interface for data entry
    • Create custom site engine
    • Add features to or modify existing script

    We have a dedicated team and pool of experts for our web application maintenance and support services, which are aimed at ensuring stable and uninterrupted operation of your business system and give our customer an add on advantage to ensure they have all the peace and faith to get unmatched solutions from us.. These maintenance and support services include problems analysis, resolution and application enhancement to name a few.

  • Web Designing

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                Creativity at its best, where ideas meet reality! TechValley InfoSystems has set itself to take care of your ideas shape them into reality with our expertise and innovative methodologies. Being a leading brand in web design and development solutions for the global market, TechValley InfoSystems offers optimum service along with online business service. Our expertise in the field is time tested. With its exceptional services catered to various domains; proving quality web design solutions in India, TechValley InfoSystems is all set to lend its services for the global clients. With our experience we know that exclusive knowledge and blend of business understanding along with a number of processes that go behind the making of a good quality website design. TechValley InfoSystems with its proven track records and repeat business establishes itself as a leading Website Design Company in Odisha, India . We strive to provide the best and keep the basics simple and crisp.

    Customised User Friendly Website Design Solution is our primary focus area. Understanding of user point of view is the essential and correct approach to deliver solution which will be globally accepted.. Before we proceed with designing, we keep customers usability behavior at priority while designing a website. It is very critical to keep in mind the importance of identifying the target viewer and thereby optimising for usability and desirability. We develop the website that is easy to navigate and user friendly so that your customers keep coming back. It is very important for your website to have all the pre-requisites to get good ranking. It must have a vision for your target audience. Our efficient web design and development services consistently ensure precisely that and your website is developed in a way that it is always there amongst the prominent listings of the best. We nourish your website and help it to gain popularity with looks and ranking simultaneously.

  • Mobile Application & Development

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    TechValley InfoSystems offers a full suite of mobile products and services, developed to the most stringent technical standards, and uncompromising attention to detail. Whether you're looking for a one-off, turn-key or enterprise solution, TechValley InfoSystems's experienced staff of engineers, graphic designers, creative and strategic personnel, will help you achieve your vision. TechValley InfoSystems designs for the most prolific mobile platforms. We focus on putting your brand into the hands and on the handsets of your audience, to ensure that your message hits its mark. Our mobile app development process includes not only the design and development of award-winning apps, but also a consultative front-end, and a back-end of maintenance and support. TechValley InfoSystems's reliable hosting service offers our clients the flexibility of having us manage their data for content-heavy apps.

    We follow the trend and Technology for end-to-end Solutions. It is evident that in order to compete in this exceptionally aggressive world of business, we build mobile applications that allow your business to be vibrant and agile at any given point of time. For ensuring your business future growth to the highest degree and to implement performance and scalability, we provide mobile application development services with a broad measure of control to go with the needs of your organization. We keep our experts up to date with market trends and technology updates. Our versatile group of Mobile Application Development specialists produces economical yet efficient solution by isolating components in an application that encumber development, solve with effective and industry standard techniques. According to your needs and requirement for a mobile application we can provide you the best solutions that suit your business the best.
    Our in-house mobile application development includes:

    • GPRS communication
    • Bluetooth
    • WAP applications
    • Data-transfer in XML with the server.

    When your needs meet Our Expertise, it results are Unbelievable quality solutions. Our commitment to regularly improve and better on our products sets us apart from the rest.TechValley InfoSystems provides full variety Mobile Application Development that encompasses the entire mobile application development cycle from initial design and architecture to development and integration into existing systems. We have expertise in mobile application development which has given opportunity to showcase our domain expertise.

  • Multimedia Solutions

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    As a successful Web Design Company in India, we focus on the promotional as well as brand value of your business; hence we incorporate multimedia tools like Flash Presentations, CD Presentations, PDF Catalogues etc. in a way that they seem strikingly appealing and interactive. WeblinkIndia frequently revivifies its technological ability with the latest versions of different software so that the purpose of your business problem is solved in the most professional way then whatever media of our Multimedia Solution you opt for.

    We are an efficient Website Designing Company in India, providing effectual flash presentations and introduction. Our highly talented and creative multimedia experts provide you with matchless flash animation designs and logos. In the world of Flash Web Page Design and Flash Web Design India, our experts redefine the heights of fascination, appeal and interactivity. We re-energize our creativity to revivify each and every aspect of your Multimedia Website then no matter you are from India or any other country.

    We are an acclaimed Custom Website Design and Web Designing Company, creating professional multimedia presentation to make your every endeavor successful. Our proven capabilities to conceptualize as well as effectively materialize informative animation and dynamic flash make us one of the well-recognized Flash Web Designing and Dynamic web Designing companies in India. The attention-grabbing interface of our presentations and animations can be termed as the best in the industry as we effectively employ various tools of Web 2 Development and PHP Web Development in their programming, layouts, graphics, script etc.

    Our multimedia solutions are powered with the specializations in:

    • Flash Applications
    • Flash Presentations
    • Flash Animations Logo
    • Designing CD
    • Presentation
    • PDF Catalogues

    Our designers make optimum use of Flash animation tools to optimize the interactivity of your website. The Multimedia Websites designed and developed by us are exclusively known for their interactivity throughout the India as well as across international boundaries.

  • Content Management System

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    Founded in 2010, TechValley InfoSystems India's leading provider of web-based software platform in Customer Relationship Management, Content Management System, Supply Chain Management, E-Cooperative Society Automation, Core Banking Solutions, Audit Management System etc.. Techvalley InfoSystems provides content management system that provides website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools designed to allow users with little knowledge of web programming languages or markup languages to create and manage website content with relative ease. A robust WCMS provides the foundation for collaboration, offering users the ability to manage documents and output for multiple author editing and participation. There are three major types of WCMS: offline processing, online processing, and hybrid systems. These terms describe the deployment pattern for the WCMS in terms of when presentation templates are applied to render web pages from structured content.

    These systems, sometimes referred to as "static site generators",pre-process all content, applying templates before publication to generate web pages. Since pre-processing systems do not require a server to apply the templates at request time, they may also exist purely as design-time tools.

    These systems apply templates on-demand. HTML may be generated when a user visits the page or it is pulled from a web cache. Most open source WCMSs have the capability to support add-ons, which provide extended capabilities including forums, blog, wiki, web stores, photo galleries, contact management, etc.These are often called modules, nodes, widgets, add-ons, or extensions. Add-ons may be based on an open-source or paid license model.

    Some systems combine the offline and online approaches. Some systems write out executable code (e.g., JSP, ASP, PHP, ColdFusion, or Perl pages) rather than just static HTML, so that the CMS itself does not need to be deployed on every web server. Other hybrids operate in either an online or offline mode.

    Low costSome content management systems are free, such as Drupal, TYPO3, Joomla, and WordPress. Others may be affordable based on size subscriptions. Although subscriptions can be expensive, overall the cost of not having to hire full-time developers can lower the total costs. Plus software can be bought based on need for many CMSs.Easy customizationA universal layout is created, making pages have a similar theme and design without much code. Many CMS tools use a drag and drop AJAX system for their design modes. It makes it easy for beginner users to create custom front-ends.Easy to useCMSs are designed with non-technical people in mind. Simplicity in design of the admin UI allows website content managers and other users to update content without much training in coding or technical aspects of system maintenance.Workflow managementCMSs provide the facility to control how content is published, when it is published, and who publishes it. Some WCMSs allow administrators to set up rules for workflow management, guiding content managers through a series of steps required for each of their tasks. Some major products designed by Techvalley Infosystems using the Content Management system.

    • Real Estate Websites
    • Hotel Website Development.
    • eCommerce Solutions
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization

  • Training & consultancy

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    Human Resources are the need of any organization and finding the right people with right skill is the key to success. We, at TechValley InfoSystems know this vital piece of truth hence we help train IT professionals in a specialized way to unleash their true potential. The modern market place demand IT experts with latest skills and technological know-how. Our unique approach towards result oriented corporate IT Training programs deliver comprehensive training and high quality learning solutions. Many of the worlds successful company goes for corporate IT training services to create a talented pool of IT professional who have domain expertise. TechValley InfoSystems also organizes the Technical Training in different Engineering & Management Colleges on latest technologies like MSBI, Oracle, .Net 3.5 & many more with affordable cost. Because of the current industry requires the people who is profient in latest technology, So TechValley InfoSystems also encourage this venture by arranging different seminars on many colleges for to improve the tech knowledge among the students. We use cutting-edge instructional design and innovative method of training imparts value driven solutions for technology and services. We help you achieve measureable business success by specializing in recruiting, developing, and deploying high-quality IT professionals to businesses in different sectors.

    • Saves your precious time, resources and money
    • Trust, confidentiality and reliability
    • Personalized Instructions
    • Consistency in robust training process
    • Increases productivity, efficiency
    • Result oriented high quality learning solutions
    • Who should go for IT Training

    Companies looking for talented professionals with IT domain experts like Software development, System Integrators, Website development, Start-up companies etc Any Engineering & Management colleges looking to groom up their students with latest technologies. Institutes looking for to improvise their transitioning process on latest technology & with cost effective.

    IT consultancy is a field that helps business by advising how to use information technology to meet their business objectives. We at TechValley InfoSystems fully understand the need of today’s growing IT requirements hence our solutions are tailor made to suit small and medium sized enterprises taking a more practical and flexible approach. Our firm understanding of business processes with profound industry knowledge has benefited to our clients in many ways. Apart from providing advice IT consultancy may often involve implementation, deployment, and administration of IT systems for clients.

    • To make best use of latest development in the field of technology.
    • To have competitive edge in the market.
    • To improvise and make business effective and Profitable.
    • To economize & automate operations.
    • To serve your customers even better
    • To tap unknown markets & Opportunities.
    • To become global.
    We help companies think ahead. Business today is evolving faster than at any other time in history, and tomorrow there are going to be challenges we can't even imagine today. And opportunities. But to survive and thrive, we must imagine that future. We must anticipate it. The fastest Growing industry with the latest advancements every day requires very specialized handling so that a firm can enjoy maximum benefit. I.T. is here to stay, grow and benefit the mankind in much more wider ways. All walks of life will undergo a sea change with the impact of IT. Our Consulting can give you the business analyses you need and follow through with implementation. We have the flexibility to deliver solutions quickly and cost-effectively. And our confidence in our ability to think ahead makes us willing to be measured against any business outcomes. Which means that with our consulting, you get the advantage of future thinking - along with the advantage of being taken the rest of the way

    • Saves time, resources and money
    • Flexibility in choice of services
    • Result oriented with domain expertise
    • Temporary help during a one-time project

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