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Sales Force Automation (SFA) is an important CRM function that streamlines and enhances the operations of your sales team. SFA includes the key activities needed by your sales team including Lead Management, Opportunity Management, Account & Contact Management, Sales Pipeline Management, Sales Forecasting, Sales Analytics, and others. Key Modules vtiger CRM supports a number of different aspects of Sales Force Automation.

Lead Management
Opportunity Management
Account Management
Contact Management
Calendar and Activity Management
Reports & Dashboards

Lead Management
  • Sales leads are a vital resource for sales and vtiger CRM offers sales teams a full range of lead management functions.
  • Manage leads end-to-end (from creating leads to converting them into opportunities)
  • Capture leads directly from your Web site and transfer to vtiger CRM
  • Customize online lead form as per your organization requirements
  • Import leads from external sources, such as Web downloads, trade shows, seminars, direct mail, and other types of campaigns
  • Add multiple products to the leads
  • Qualify leads to next stage based on information captured in lead details
  • Convert leads into sales opportunities, accounts, and contacts with a single-click
  • Lead conversion mapping for all the custom fields
  • Create fully customizable lead reports
  • Export leads to spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft® Excel®, OpenOffice®, and others for further analysis
Opportunity Management
  • Opportunity Management is another important sales function covered by vtiger CRM.  Opportunities are labeled Potentials in vtiger CRM.  vtiger includes the following features for Opportunity Management:
  • Track all sales opportunities end-to-end in a sales cycle
  • Associate opportunities with accounts, contacts, activities, and other modules to have a better visibility on the opportunities
  • Generate quotes, sales orders, and invoices from the potentials
  • Create fully customizable opportunity reports
  • Export opportunities to spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft® Excel®, OpenOffice® and others to analyze the sales pipeline and quickly identify the bottlenecks if any
Account Management
  • Track all accounts and related contacts, opportunities, cases, and other details from a common repository
  • Specify parent-child relationships between accounts and their subsidiaries or other divisions
  • Import accounts from external sources, such as ACT, GoldMine, and other applications
  • Generate quotes, sales orders, and invoices for the accounts
  • Track purchase history of the customers and analyze opportunities for up selling and cross selling
  • Create fully customizable account reports
  • Export accounts to spreadsheet software (such as Microsoft® Excel®, OpenOffice®, and others) to analyze the buying patterns of a customers and set up loyalty programs
  • Attach customer-specific documents to accounts for a quick reference in future
Contact Management
  • Track all contacts and related opportunities, cases, activities, and other details from a common repository
  • Create the hierarchy of contacts within a company to have a better coordination while dealing with customers
  • import contacts from external sources, such as ACT, GoldMine, and other applications
  • Export contacts to spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft® Excel®, OpenOffice®, and others for further analysis
  • Synchronize contacts with Microsoft® Outlook®
Calendar and Activity Management
  • Add all important customer-related e-mails to vtiger CRM for quick reference in future
  • Store all the details of customer meetings and calls in an intuitive calendar
  • Manage daily tasks of the vtiger CRM users to have a streamlined sales process
Reports & Dashboards
  • Pre-build reports for sales force automation
  • Sales pipeline analysis by stage
  • Monthly Sales pipeline analysis
  • Sales opportunities by lead source
  • Drill-down the dashboards by time and opportunity stage

Customer service automation helps you to manage customer complaints centrally. All customer complaints can be logged into the system with simple reference number and can be linked to customer account module for reference. Support tickets can be prioritized as per need and will be useful to plan service support staff work schedule. Customer visit details can be tracked along with customer tickets and time spent on all support tickets can be used for report generation. Service calendar functionality can be used for planning service calls based on staff availability.

Key Features
  • Track customer complaints centrally
  • Plan service support staff work schedule as per support priority
  • Generate reports on time spent on each support activities with visit details
  • Manage Maintenance contracts for customer service activities
  • Service staff event calendar can be used to plan service staff availability
Ticket Management
  • Create support tickets for customer issues
  • Link all support activities in customer accounts for better visibility
  • Track all support visits with issue status
  • Document all ticket resolutions with solutions for reference
  • Activity, call planning for support staffs
  • Generate report on support activities

Reporting is the heart of CRM system & customer can generate any number of reports as per need and requirement. CRM comes with 50+ standard reports on various modules and functions. Reports can be generated in individual modules such as sales, support or can be generated across many modules. All the reports can be customized as per client need. Report can be grouped, arranged, columns can be enabled, disabled as needed. Reports can be generated as User wise, Stage wise, Source wise, Date wise reports for analysis. Dashboards present graphical representation of data for analysis and user login screen shows summary of customer information as configurable dashlet.

Key Features
  • Generate any number of reports with all sales, support & customer data
  • Report can be grouped, arranged, columns can be enabled, disabled as needed
  • User wise, Stage wise, Source wise, Date wise reports
  • Dashboards for simplified data view
  • Quick dash lets for summary view on user login
  • Reports in detail
Lead Report
  • User wise, Stage wise, Source wise, Category wise
  • Area wise, Industry wise, Date wise
Opportunity Report
  • Opportunity value, expected close date, sales stage report
  • Monthly, quarterly , yearly sales forecasting
Account Report
  • Customer contact details
  • Contact person details
  • Products, solutions , sales details
  • Basic Payable receivable details
  • Future opportunities
  • Support ticket details
  • Activity details
activity Report
  • Customer contact details
  • Contact person details
  • Products, solutions , sales details
  • Basic Payable receivable details
  • Future opportunities
  • Support ticket details
  • Activity details
Task Management

TechValley InfoSystems’s Task Management features are an excellent tool for automating routine business processes. 
TechValley InfoSystems tasks are designed to mimic your business processes using a point-and-click interface to create the automations.  There are several characteristics of TechValley InfoSystems Tasks:

  • Tasks are assigned to individuals in your organization who are in the TechValley InfoSystems hierarchy.
  • Tasks have time limits.
  • Tasks have a specific definition for what is considered a complete task.
  • Tasks have actions / consequences that can be defined for either accomplishing the task on time or missing the deadline. The task will:

Re-assign the record.
Send a text message
Update the record (11 actions, see Figure -6-)
Request an update to the record (Lead-Xpress)
Upload the record (HTTP Post, Get, SOAP)
Start a Lead Nurturing Track
Stop a Lead Nurturing Track
Tasks can repeat

As with all TechValley InfoSystems workflow, you define when the task applies:

  • When updating a record
  • When a new record enters the system
  • Both updating and entering records
  • When assigning records
  • When someone opens an email sent from TechValley
  • When someone clicks on a link in an email sent from TechValley InfoSystems

Tasks also have a workflow condition that can be used to determine when this task should apply.
  The choices for when the condition should apply are: =, < > (does not equal), >, <, >=, <=, was updated or was checked. The choices of ‘Fields’
for setting the condition (left hand side of the workflow – the right side of the workflow has the actions i.e. the Task) include:

  • Any Field
  • The Sales Progress Fields - Lead Status, Lead Value etc.
  • Many of the demographic fields – Zip, City, Phone etc.
  • The Call Stat / Click Action Fields
  • The User Definable ‘Special Interest Fields’
  • The Assignment Fields – Account Manager, Partner Rep etc.

Combining the ‘Applies When’ and the ‘Condition’ gives you very tight control over when your automated Tasks will execute.

Here's a typical Task Management Automation.  After a prospect enters their information on a website or landing page and Workflow Automation has assigned the prospect to a sales rep, a task is used to monitor the status of the lead to make sure it is followed up on.

  • TechValley InfoSystems Task Manager watches the lead to see if the record has been updated.
  • If the record has not been updated within 20 minutes, the Task Manager can send a reminder to the sales rep
  • If the record has not been updated within 60 minutes, the Task Manager can send an alert to the sales manager
  • If the record has not been updated with 120 minutes, the Task Manager can reassign the record and start the process all over again.
E-Banking Reconcillation

TechValley InfoSystems’s Bank Reconciliation module matches your financial records with the bank's list of transactions, and reconciles bank statements to actual checks and deposits.

Bank Account File

  • View Screen(s)
  • Records information about each of your bank accounts.
  • Unlimited number of accounts.
  • Detailed history of all transactions.
  • Annual and period histories.
  • Detailed history of each statement received from the bank.
  • Working balance feature allows prediction of account balance as the bank processes transactions.
  • Unlimited number of notes for each account.

Reconciliation Transactions File

  • View Screen(s)
  • Used to enter transactions that are not posted in from other portions of the software, like service charges and interest accrued.
  • Unlimited number of Transacions
  • Transactions may also be posted to the General Ledger.

Statement Reconciliation File

  • View Screen(s)
  • Used to reconcile a statement received from your bank.
  • Unlimited number of accounts.
  • Unlimited number of transactions per account.
  • Fast and easy-to-use user interface.
  • On-the-fly totals help to track progress and spot errors.
  • Missing transactions may be entered during reconciliation.
  • Bank Charges and interst accrued may be entered during reconciliation and posted to the General Ledger.

BDS Reports.

Bank Account Transaction History Report

  • Prints a history of transactions over a specified date range.
  • Users may specify the types of transactions to be printed.
  • Transactions may be filtered by transaction date, document number, transaction key, transaction source.

Statement Reconciliation File Edit List

  • Prints information for each statement that is being reconciled.
  • Prints the total number and total amount of credits and debits along with break-downs by transaction type.
  • Prints each transaction recociled on each statement.

General Features

  • Supports many transaction types: A/P checks, pay checks, credits, withdrawals, interest owed, transfers, service charges, deposits, debits, and interest paid.
  • Interfaces with Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, and General Ledger
  • User-defined credit and debit total labels allow the information presented in the software to match the bank statements closely.
Office Automation

Techvalley Infosystem’s Office Automation product is completely feasible and suits the business requirments of any industry as per the standard requirement.
The key modules includes in our product are :

  • Employee Management

    Employee management makes it easy to check and track human resources department at the press of a button. It makes the system easy to monitor and manage employees from different location. This system helps in supervising employees work report and productivity. Our employee management system includes a time tracking system that saves both time and money. These all features help at the time of employee appraisals. webERP4 E-Mail management

    • Add manage employee
    • Manage employees personal details, family details, Company details
    • Add manage employee designations
    • Check employee system backup facility and hardware details
    • View and edit employee Insurance details
    • Add view employee task status
    • Add or check employee work report daily / monthly
    • Monitor employee call register list
    • Track employee related to projects / clients
    • View, approve / decline employee leave request
    • Give employee administrative permissions
    • Monitor employee log details
    • Add announcements / holidays / Birthdays / notes
    • Communicate with internal messaging center

    • Easy to use
    • Fully customizable
    • Fully scalable
    • Tracks up to date work status
    • Reduces TCO and increases ROI
    • Ability to add employees, easily and flexibly
    • Reduces HR daily work, increases productivity, employee satisfaction, and a significant cost savings
    • Eliminate paper work. Go green

  • Task Management

    Task management helps to assign tasks and deadlines to employees and monitor their performance on completion of these tasks. All the tasks are assigned with a start and end date, employees update the task on completion. Administrator and employees with special administrative permissions can check the status of the task and prepare report when it is completed. Task management

    • Assign task to employee or multiple employees
    • Track all pending tasks
    • Track all completed tasks
    • Monitor Employee task status
    • Track employee task work report (daily / monthly)
    • Prepare report on employees performance
    • Assign task with project name, URL, nature of work, start date and end
    • An approver is assigned for each employee task
    • Email notifications can be send for each assigned task
    • All pending tasks can be viewed country wise or location wise
    • All the completed task can be closed, send for billing or can be send back to task again
    • All pending work can be searched by date

    • Organize and plan all the task in a project
    • Assign task to employees, track employee performance
    • Monitor missed deadlines
    • Balance team work loads, increase team productivity
    • Monitor team task progress
    • Improve individual productivity
    • Reduce time to complete a task
    • Evaluate employee performance based on task completion report
    • Monitor project completion
    • Improve customer satisfaction

  • Assets Management

    Assets management is a web based software application. It helps in creating and managing a data repository of all the assets in your enterprise. You can track and manage any kind of asset in this application. Assets used internally or externally can also be managed in this application. This application is scalable for unlimited assets type and can be customized on any business requirement.

    webERP4 E-Mail management
    • Add and maintain a complete inventory of assets across your enterprise with different locations
    • Segregate assets as per their categories
    • Maintains complete records of assets with vendors
    • Maintain inventory of assets with purchase information, license, expiration dates and manufacturer details
    • Track history and ownership of assets, and any modifications done on them
    • Stay informed about every change in your inventory with automatic email notifications
    • Segregate asset information branch wise or location wise
    • Generate asset reports branch wise or location wise
    • Improve returns on assets
    • Helps asset budgeting and forecasting
    • Helps in asset tracking and inventory management
    • Decrease costs and risk
    • Improve asset-related decision making
    • Lower’s TCO
    • Gain control on asset inventory
    • Helps loss detection
    • Timely inventory updation and status helps risk reduction
  • Reports

    Reports management helps in preparing a data in a meaningful format. These reports can be presented to the end user in an easy to understand format.

    webERP4 E-Mail management

    • Client project reports
    • Client project daily task report with nature of work
    • Client project report with employee name, work status and time details
    • Check employees work status with time sheet management
    • Employee work report daily / weekly / monthly is tracked
    • All reports can be exported to excel sheet
    • earch projects status, employee work status through a search panel

    • Track project status
    • Track daily works on a project
    • Monitor employee performance on a project
    • Calculate time for total work done on a project
    • Send work report to client in an excel sheet
  • Office Library Management

    Library management system tracks all the operations performed in a library, including number of books, CD’s, DVD’s and subscribers. Our Library management system is suitable for both small and large libraries. It is easy and less time consuming. This application helps librarians to catalogue books, CD’s, DVD’s and maintain their records of issued, reissued and overdue books. It also maintains date of issue and return of a book.

    Office Library management

    • Tracks number of books and subscribers in a library
    • Add manage books categories
    • Manage and edit books
    • Search books by name
    • Add book details with category, price and purchase date
    • Maintains book issue date, return date and overdue days
    • Locates a book with in racks
    • Maintains employee details who borrows the books

    • User friendly interface
    • Subscribers can easily check availability of books, CD’s, DVD’s in a library
    • Reporting of overdue books
    • Cost effective
    • Efficiency in speed and operation
    • Elimination of duplication of Books, CD’s and DVD’s
    • Security of Library
    • High customer satisfaction level
    • Better inventory preservation because of less handling by staff
    • Time saving
    • Easily locate books, CD’s and DVD’s on racks
  • Client Management

    Employee management makes it easy to check and track human resources department at the press of a button. It makes the system easy to monitor and manage employees from different location. This system helps in supervising employees work report and productivity. Our employee management system includes a time tracking system that saves both time and money. These all features help at the time of employee appraisals. Client management system is developed almost for any business. It is actually used to manage, store and process information on your client details. It helps to easily access and search your client details at the click of a button. Client management system is networked and can be used by multiple users. WebERP4’s Client management system is fully scalable and customized as per business requirements.

    Client management

    • Add manage clients and their information
    • Clients can be categorized as permanent and temporary
    • Group clients by their relationship and profile
    • Save Clients projects information,Service provided information to the client can be viewed
    • Saves Client notes and appointments
    • Reminds or send alerts of client appointments
    • Search clients information in alphabetical order
    • Search client information with company name, client name, contact person name, email or domain name
    • Shows total number of clients
    • User can suspend a client or inactivate client information from the application
    • Client quotation and invoices are saved as a pdf file and can be viewed
    • Follow up information can be viewed
    • Instant messaging through email or SMS can be done from this application
    • All Clients can be managed as Active and In-Active country wise
    • Clients website URLs can be save and viewed

    • Easy to use
    • Need minimum expense and training for a non computer savvy staff
    • Convenient to save all your clients information at the press of a button
    • WebERP4 can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device
    • Accessible to employees who has customer contact
    • Total clients information is saved in one application
    • Helps organization to become customer focused
    • No need for a full time administrator
    • Ability to add clients, easily and flexibly
    • Fully customizable and scalable

  • Hardware Management

    Hardware management system gives you a detailed information on all the computer hardware assets used. You can view and check configuration of each computer, server and laptop on your network. You can tag each asset and assign that to employees. You can also track which software is installed in each computer.

    Hardware Management

    • Manage network inventory with hardware's used by all employees
    • Add manage system details with CPU configuration
    • View, copy and edit system configuration of computers assigned to employees
    • Add manage hardware item categories
    • Add manage hardware information with purchase date, warranty expiry date, shop name etc

    • Track hardware in employees system
    • Identify theft and loss
    • Eliminate spending on unused hardware's
    • Track and report on all hardware purchases
    • Manage hardware inventory
    • Reduce maintenance cost
    • Monitor repairs under warranty
    • Stay compliant with license agreement
  • Vendor Management System

    Vendor management system helps in monitoring vendors information, their products and services. Our vendor management system helps in competitive advantage as well as cost savings.

    Vendor Management

    • Add edit vendor category
    • Add edit vendors with other details
    • View, edit and manage vendors information
    • Add new services to existing vendors account
    • Activate or inactivate a vendor in this application
    • Suspend a vendor from this application
    • Search vendor by name or category
    • Send instant message to vendor through email or sms
    • Add note to a vendors service
    • Add appointment information with a vendor

    • Fully scalable
    • Can be customized depending on business requirements
    • View, edit and manage vendors information
    • User friendly interface
    • All vendors information is stored in a place
    • Saves time and money
    • Can be accessed from any where in the world
  • Billing Automation (Quotations & Invoices)

    Billing automation system helps in billing customer through online orders and invoices. This helps to manage the billing process with greater efficiency saving time and money.

    Billing Automation(Quotations & Invoices) management

    • Create templates for all the services provided with their price
    • Set currencies to be used in this application,Add more then one service in Invoice,Calculate discounts
    • User can edit and copy a template for future use,Calculate service Tax and TDS
    • Add new associate services and save their information,Add Service Tax details, Pan number and account number details
    • Create new client and save information,Follow up on Pending Invoices
    • Create and send quotation to client,User can edit and view employee details
    • Add more then one services in quotations,Create and send Invoice to client,Track pending, closed and deleted Invoices
    • Modify the pricing in Quotations, set discounts
    • All the quotations can be sent as a PDF file
    • Track pending, closed and deleted quotations
    • Follow up on Pending Quotations,Generate reports & Email notifications

    • Increase revenue, decrease TCO
    • Enhance customer experience
    • Send invoices on a timely manner
    • Set discounts in quotations and Invoices to be send to clients
    • Track and follow up on quotations and invoices
    • Total clients information is saved in one application
    • Improve cash management

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